Hair Styles - How To Get The Most Flattering Hair Style

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and require to crawl back in bed because of the way your hair looks? All of us have bad hair days, but if your bad hair days are turning in to bad hair weeks or months, then you might require some help.

Plenty of people look to celebrities to discover a brand spanking new hair style---spending tons of money on all kinds of magazines only to frantically tear through the pages in search of the ideal hair style.

Then you go to your salon and get that fantastic celebrity hair style only to discover (usually after the first shampoo) that you require to spend about an hour to get it to look the same way.

There's five important questions you ought to ask yourself in the event you require to get the most flattering hair style that will work for you.

one. How much time you are willing to spend every day fixing your hair? Include hair drying, hair straightening, hair curling, special conditioning, styling, etc. Be realistic about your lifestyle and hair grooming habits. In the event you don't have the time, don't receive a high maintenance hair style.

two. Is your hair in nice condition? Don't plan on doing any kind of perms, hair straightening, extensions, bleaching if your hair is broken or brittle.

four. Are you usually happy together with your hair stylist? Does your hair stylist give you instructions about how to style your hair at home? Do they address all of your concerns about your hair or hair style?

three. Do you know what your face shape is? Your face shape is important for choosing any hair style. What will look great on a square face shape might not look nice at all on a round face. See for suggested hair styles for each face shape.

The hair stylist plays a vital role in the way your hair style will look each day. Sometimes you can leave the salon looking great--for a day or. Then it is all downhill after that. You require to receive a hair style that YOU can make look great by yourself. This can need special instructions from the hair stylist along with specific hair care products.

five. Do you know what hair styles you like and why you like them? In the event you describe to your stylist what you like about definite features of a hair style--i.e. long side-swept bangs or long layers in the back---the stylist may be able to add a quantity of these features to your hair style although the whole hair style may not be suited for your hair.