DVD review - Warhorse

I love relaxing by watching DVD's and haven't done that in a long time, so when I was sent the dvd Warhorse to watch, I was excited to have a night of relaxing and watching a movie.

The movie Warhorse is directed by Steven Spielberg and is a adventure movie set in the time of World War 1.  I watched the trailer for this movie and was quite interested to watch it.

It is a beautiful story of inspiration, loyalty and adventure. The movie starts off a little slow, but picks up and becomes interesting and emotional.

The movie is about Joey ( the horse) who belongs to Albert, a young boy who bonds with his horse and trains him to work the fields as a work horse to save the family home. But when World War 1 begins, Alberts father sells Joey the horse to the army.

The story then follows Joey as he goes through countrysides and battlefields with the army,  meeting many people and places along the way. Joey finds another friend horse that he bonds with instantly and Joey proves to really be a courageous war horse.

The movie is captivating as it goes through the scenes of the war. The movie gives a strong message of loyalty, bravery and love. There are definitely some strong war scenes, but overall the message of the movie is beautiful - and you will need a tissue or two!

Have you seen Warhorse? What did you think? What is the latest movie you watched?