Hair How-To: The Quiff

As short, sharp hairstyles make a comeback – be prepared to welcome the quiff.
Elegant, yet with enough hard-edged, punk references to keep it from looking too refined, – the quiff was the main hair story at the Chanel Spring/Summer Haute Couture shows, and with retro hair currently on a (rock 'n' ) roll, it is predicted to be big news for autumn/winter too.
Celebrity hair stylist Lee Stafford says "Quiffs are great, especially if you're having a bad hair day, or just don’t have time to spend hours on your hair. They are also fabulous for all those girls who are at that messy in-between stage of growing out their fringes, or are in between highlights, as roots can make this look even quirkier."

Here are Lee's expert tips for re-creating this look at home: Just read more
  • A quick and easy way of achieving a quiff is to backcomb the front section of your hair, spray it with loads of hairspray and then arrange into a quiff with kirby grips.
  • For a more Goth Rock look, as seen on the Autumn/Winter catwalks, aim for a slicked back, high quiff.
  • First, take a section at the front of your hair, where a fringe would go and simply set it, by rolling hair backwards away from your face with a hot roller.
  • After fifteen minutes, take out the roller and you will find your hair will be set in a barrel curl at the forehead.
  • Gently roll the curl back and to the side – keeping it slightly off centre.
  • Then fix the barrel curl with kirby grips, anchoring to the hair underneath, but behind the curl to disguise the grips.
  • Finish with a spritz of Lee Stafford Flick Tease hairspray, (£3.99). It's handbag sized, with a locking cap, so you can whack it in your bag to top up later – If needed.

Retro Glam Hair

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron
Enlarge Image
Charlize Theron
Glamour hair is back, as evidenced at the 2004 Oscars. Best tressed Charlize Theron, Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler all shined in hairstyles which were pretty, sculpted and evoked an old-Hollywood feel.
These retro styles have a place with today's newest looks, even off the red carpet. Retro hair is all about soft curls, body and plenty of shine, and complements this spring's return to softer, more feminine fashions. Done right, it can be a great day look, or accessorized and done a little glitzier, for evening. The idea is to emphasize the prettiness of the style, without looking too 'costumey.' Here's how to achieve at-home versions of Oscar night's retro looks.
Each hair style starts with the right preparation, which includes the correct shampoo and conditioner selected for your hair type. Volumizing products provide fine, limp hair some of the curl and texture you need for these styles. A smoothing shampoo and conditioner combo will tame curlier hair as needed. Next, get prepared with the right styling product that will help you sculpt your hair to where it needs to go. Not sure which one is right for you? For fine hair, look for a product that adds volume, like a mousse or spray gel. A cream or wax will work to calm hair down coarse or curly hair. The final touch? A hair accessory. Delicate, brilliant clips are a great evening hair trend, and help keep hair in place. For day, make the clip or other hair accessory less shiny.
At Home How-to: Charlize Theron
Charlize won the coveted little gold guy, plus accolades for her head to toe glamour look on Oscar night. This Hollywood hair look emphasized soft, flattering curls.
Step 1: On towel-dried hair, apply the correct styling product for your hair type from hair roots to ends.
Step 2: Pre-dry hair with a blow dryer.
Step 3: Set up hair with desired part. Dividing hair into 1-inch sections, work a curling iron through, section by section. Starting from close to the scalp, spiral hair unto the iron's barrel, hold briefly, then release. Work through hair until complete.
Step 4: After allowing hair to cool, test curl - if curl has not taken, take the curl and pin it up to the scalp with a pin, rolling as you go. If curl is firm, separate with fingers and finger comb to desired look.
Step 5: Take hair accessory and pin back hair on one side back, away from the face

Retro Hairstyles

Hairstyles are always being invented, recreated, and than perfected. There is no wonder why top name celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Dita Von Teese go for retro hairstyles that make them look classy and sophisticated. Retro hairstyles can range from smooth finger waves to elegant chignons. Retro hairstyles are here to stay and they can be easily transformed into formal and wedding hairstyles, because of their classy and formal looks.

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Cute Short Hairstyles 2010 presents Short Punk Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls 2010

Punk hairstyles for women even if it may sound a little rough actually can be very cute:
Short Punk Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls 2010

Short Punk Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls 2010

Punk Hairstyles

Punk Hairstyles Punk Hairstyles Punk Hairstyles Punk Hairstyles
Punk hairstyles are in the category of hairstyles that are simply hard to ignore. Wear a punk hairstyle, and you can be sure that you will leave heads turning everywhere you go. Of course, while there are many similar hairstyles, hard to notice hairstyles, as it were, what sets hairstyles apart is the fact that they tend to be conspicuous in a nice way (as they mostly tend to be decently neat), so that the people 'noticing' the wearer 'notice him or her for all the right reasons.' Obviously, this is in great contrast to many 'head turning' aka attention-grabbing hairstyles, which tend to convey the wearer as a bit too frivolous. Even for the most conservative folks, punk hairstyles tend to at least ace the decent test.
The roots of punk hairstyle can be traced to a few decades back, with the emergence of the punk sub-culture that rocked the world greatly about two to three decades ago. The punk sub culture was of course not just about the punk hairstyle, as it came complete with it is own music (punk music, if you remember), and even its mannerisms that subscribers to it adhered to according to some unwritten code.
Perhaps in keeping with the 'law of cycles,' we are seeing a rising resurgence of interest in hairstyles, with many youths who surely could not have been there at the height of the punk subculture, donning them proudly. Resurgence aside, of course, there are older folks (or rather middle aged folks, to use the right term) who have always kept their punk hairstyles since their heyday to this day. For long, such folks have been treated as a bit 'eccentric' for having gotten 'stuck in a time warp' but with the renewed resurgence of the punk hairstyles, we might find people forming kinder opinions on them.

Boys Medium Length Textured Haircut

Boys Medium Length Textured Haircut

Cute girls hairstyle

Cute girls hairstyle Cute hairstyle for little girls. Are you have a little girl, if so, how cute she is? how about her hairstyle are you manage your daughter hairstyle correctly.

Hairstyle for children trend 2009

Hairstyle for children trend 2009
For parents who confused with their children hairstyle, in this post we want to display sample of hairstyle that can help you to manage your child. every parent want their child look sweat but in managing hair usually child did’t care much more.

Pictures for Short Bob Hairstyles for Children

The blunt bob can easily sport by adding bangs or without bangs.
Children are very carefree in nature, so you need to take good care of your child hair. For this you have to take your child regularly to the salon for trimming her hair. You can also apply the blow dry process on your little girl tresses to set the hair.
To create a children hair style is very simple and it requires very less effort. Never use any type of hair dye in your child hair, because there is a chance of hair loss or damage.
In the below pictures you can see the different short bob hair style for children.

Pictures for Short Bob Hairstyles for Children

kids hair styling
Kids hairstyles should be easy to manage and comfortable. Everyone wants to keep their kids and children's hair style simple and easy to maintain. Children like to play and stay active all the day and get their hair dirty and messy, so simple hair style
will allow your kids' to be cheerful without worries.

Short Hair Styles Bob for Children

Any good hair cut for Chidren hairstyleShort hair styles bob for children are a popular cut as they are easy to maintain through the child’s youth. Girls can be difficult to style, as they don’t want to spend countless time in the routine each day having tangles which are combed from the hair, as well as having their hair styled, cut and even straightened. Through the short bob hairstyle, which can be less prone to tangles than other hairstyles, the parents of the child can easily style within the hair within a matter of minutes.
As an added bonus to choosing the short for children, in the form of a short bob, there are many ways that the hair can be styled. One of the most popular ways to style these hairstyles for children are in ponytails, or in the use of pig tails, which are two pony tails styled in the hair, worn to each side. Through the use of styles like these, the child can play and go through all of the normal daily activities without having to worry about the hair becoming tangled, or the hair being caught within anything the child is playing with. These hairstyles are easy to create and can be created within a few moments and therefore the hairstyle is easy to create.
Through the use of these ponytail hairstyles, where the hair is just long enough to be worn in the form of a bob, the child can easily maintain a long style that still remains girly. Through the use of these styles, the child’s parents can easily style the hair in a variety of methods. Through these methods no styling tools are required, and anyone can create a simple ponytail bob hairstyle with the simple use of elastics within the hairstyle.

Kids Hairstyle Photo Samples

kids hair style picture
Kid Hair Style at the Salon Getting younger children to go to the salon, to agree to the hair style you want, and to do the needed hair care could be a challenge. You may experience resistance even when trying to wash or comb your children's hair. In fact, for many children a trip to the hair salon is like a visit to the doctor.

There are also special hair salons for kids like Cartoon Cuts with a smiley stylist and Bugs Bunny on TV that can make the hair cut experience more positive and entertaining for small children.
Sometimes our children have unwarranted fears, but we can help them to overcome them. Creating trust by taking their concerns seriously is the first and most important step.
locks of hairIf you've been thinking about cutting off your children's long hair or that mane of hair you've maintained since the days of Big Hair for women and ponytails for men, here's something that may help you decide, while looking for kids hair style

Kids Hair Cut at Home

If your child is afraid of the hairdresser’s, then try to cut their hair at home. They will feel safe and comfortable and you will save time and money. However if you don’t have any hair cut experience, you might want to seek out a step by step guide on children’s hair cutting.

Hair Care Troubles and Hair Tips for Kids

Trouble washing your child’s hair?
Try to use a mild shampoo in his or her favorite color or scent. Sometimes children are more willing to wash their hair with a fun shampoo, especially if it doesn’t sting their eyes.

Problem with headlice?
Read this Q&A about headlice and how to get rid of them!

Problem with matted hair or tangle?
Read this post for answer and solutions.

If you’re having trouble combing their hair, try to create trust and reassurance by allowing them to comb and brush their own hair on their own terms.

Do not brush your child's hair 100 strokes before bedtime in the traditional manner. Although combing the hair will promote shine and condition, brushing to this extend will over stimulate the sebaceous glands and make the hair greasy and heavy. Doing a quick brush to get the tangles out should be sufficient. Remember to use a comb on wet hair rather than a brush or you risk creating static electricity, which leads to breakage.

Kids Hair Style , Picture Gallery for Kids Hairstyles, Children's Haircut

A baby's hair is usually very fine. If the kid's hair tends to be thicker and coarse, it will show even as a toddler. Kids Hairstyles need to be simple, easy to manage, and for girls, not too long so that it does not hamper their fun on swings, slides, or other fun activities. kids are so active, both boys and girls, hairstyles that are easy to manage and will not get tangled up easily are great everyday options. There are so many cutes looks in magazines and online that moms will definitely have fun dressing up their children.
Look for a hairdresser specialist in children's haircut. For If you want to cut your kid hairstyle, make sure that you look up different hair products that can greatly help you achieve your goal. One such tool is Flowbee which can help you measure the amount of hair that is cut.

Tips on Children's / Kids Hairstyles

For young girls, keep it simple or tied up because hair can easily get tangled up when they are out playing.

Brush and wash children's hair because they often get knotted and dirty because of all the activities kids do everyday
Avoid short haircuts if the kids' hair is thin. It can wait till the hair becomes thicker.

It is always better not to use a rubber band for braids and plaits. This can cause irreversible damage to the hair.
It is better to stay away from any hair clip with sharp teeth as it can cut into the kid's hair and cause potential hair damage.
Head lice can be a vicious problem with children's hair. It is essential to take quick steps to eliminate head lice and dandruff. A professional doctor's advice can be taken if the matter is serious and necessary.

Teach your kids good hair care habits

Keep hats, caps, and other accessories at a minimum as it tends to mess of hairstyles
Every Kids' hair style will benefit from proper hair care.

Children Hair Style Pictures for girl and boys

Medium Girls Hair Style For Black Kids Short Girls Hair Style Long Girls Hair Style
Medium Girls Hair Style For Black Kids Short Girls Hair Style Long Girls Hair Style
Boys hair style with spikes Trendy hairstyle for kids A long haircut idea short hair style for your children
Boys hair style with spikes Trendy hairstyle for kids A long haircut idea short hair style for your children

Kids Hair Cut at Home

If your child is afraid of the hairdresser's, then try to cut their hair at home. They will feel safe and comfortable and you will save time and money. However if you don't have any hair cut experience, you might want to seek out a step by step guide on children's hair cutting.