5 Ways to Maintain Your Manicure & Make it Last

   Last week I let my friend borrow my coveted dupe for Chanel's Black Pearl nail polish, which she was very excited about. But she wasn't as excited when, much to her dismay, she started noticing chipping in just a few days.

   This got me thinking about how many girls're faced with this problem. I mean, how frustrating is it to spend money on an awesome manicure with a great color, only to have the polish chip off in 4 days? Not cool. So, to help you avoid this, I'm going to offer you a few of my personal tips for maintaining your manicures & keeping them chip-free for longer!!

   1. First of all start off with a good base coat.

   I find this makes a huge difference for me, it helps the polish last longer & a good base coat is protective of the nail as well. 

   This should help with chipping by not allowing water or oils to get between the polish & your natural nail. I use the Avon Nail Experts Base Coat & I find it keeps my nails stay strong so chips don't happen as easily.

   2. I find the quality of your nail polish plays a factor into chipping as well.

   As old nail polishes become thick & goopy, they just don't seem to adhere as well or have as much flexibility with impacted from typing or daily activities.

   3. When applying your polish, sweep a bit across the edge & under the nail tip.

   This 'wraps' the end, minimizing the chances of chipping from the tips.

   4. Applying on a daily application of a top coat is the no.1 way to make your nails chip free.

   It creates a protective layer for your nails.

   I start off initially with 2 coats of my favorite top coat Lakme 9-5 Long Wear Nail Color Top Coat & follow up with a daily application. I can't tell you how much I ♥ this top coat. It creates a beautiful high gloss shine & drying time is literally 2 mins. Just a warning, it is a little on the thick side, but I've learned to like the consistency because it creates a solid barrier of protection from chips!!

   5. Lastly, wear gloves for washing dishes or any kind of house work!!

   This prevents water & dirt from getting under your nails & wearing away at your top coat.

   Also, try not to scrub your hair with your nails while you're washing it. Use your soft padded area of finger tips.

   Don't feel like doing all these things??

   If you'd rather have a lower-maintenance manicure, give shellac manicures a try! I actually have yet to try this new phenomenon, but I'm definitely excited to. Fans say that shellac manicures're drastically less prone to chipping, can last for weeks & dry immediately once they're put under UV lights.

   Of course, they're a little bit pricier at the salon than your standard manicure & require a bit of a process to remove, but it may very well be worth it if they can simplify our lives & routines. Fair warning, though: the color options're pretty limited compared to regular polish!!

   Do you currently use these techniques?? Are there other manicure-saving techniques that you use? Have you tried the shellac manicure yet??