H&M - Another Label

H&M keeps coming up with new ideas and concepts. To mention some of the latest, the high street brand has launched a Conscious collection which contains sustainable items. Also, they have had collaborations with some of the best designers in the world: Latest “Marni” http://fashionontheinoutside.blogspot.com/2012/01/high-street-brand-in-love-with-italian.html

The latest great concept from H&M is a new line of luxurious items. It will be a whole new concept and it will have it own stores. It will be focusing on a more mature audience – as apposed to their other labels/stores COS, Weekday, Monki og Cheap Monday.

I am sure some women are thrilled that H&M is making a line that has a mature and elegant look. In my opinion their label COS has a hit of elegance and minimalism – so it is exciting to see how the new line will distinguish from COS. – which, by the way, it one of my favourite brands.